Medical and Legal Consultation

by Joel Franck, MD - Neurosurgeon

Medical Legal Pre-Trial Analysis

Dr. Franck is available for a detailed medical and legal analysis of your personal injury whiplash case. He will serve as either your “treating physician expert witness” or “independent non-treating expert witness”. Dr. Franck has extensive experience and is highly regarded in the relevant legal community as regards pre-trial analysis, written record and imaging analysis, discovery and trial depositions, and live trial appearances for providing expert witness testimony. He has completed hundreds of depositions and testified in many trials in multiple state and Federal courts, and has been asked to testify in Europe.  Dr. Franck has completed numerous pre-trial written analyses for cases in the United States and Europe.

Feel free to ask your Attorney to contact Dr. Franck by calling (850) 778-1547  or via email: or writing to Joel Franck MD FAANS, 3001 Eastland Blvd., Suite 7, Clearwater, Florida, USA 33761