Testimonials from Dr. Franck's Patients

Hi Dr. Franck,
I want to thank you for what you have done for my son. It’s amazing to see his face glowing again his eyes are clearer not so tired as before. And his mental appearance is much better, he laughs and joking with us.
Once again, thank you.R.C.J., Sweden, August 2016
After 8 long years of agony and lackluster Swedish hospitals (especially Karolinska in Stockholm) we finally stumbled upon Dr. Joel Franck. This guy saved my little brother William and has given him back the will to live. Me and my family will always be forever grateful for what Dr. Franck and Pam has done for him.C.J., Sweden, August 2016
I had debilitating pain in the head, drop attacks, walking issues, cognitive issues, etc. In 2014 Dr Franck not only figured out the reasons for these issues (major instability in the C1 and other disks, herniated cerebellum, etc) he gave me hope. I had two major surgeries in 2014 to correct everything. I was walking again two days after the first one!! Pam was a God send as well. Except for the surgery staff, one aid and a few other rare exceptions the administration and staff at Bay Medical were subpar. I’m happy Dr Franck found a new location [Clearwater]. As for me…unless I’m granted another miracle I’ll always have pain from the other injuries sustained from the whiplash; however, I’ve been given a new lease on life! I can walk, think, love and LIVE!!B.T., Florida, September 2016
Dear Dr. Franck,
My life became a nightmare after my accident on December 16, 2016. Due to my whiplash injury I suffered a lot. I had so much neck pain, severe headaches, dizziness, sleeping issues, memory loss, focusing problems, brain fogginess, and light and sound sensitivity, fatigue, left hand weakness and numbness. I had hard time reading and thinking.
Due to these health issues, I had hard time both in personal and official life. I also had hard time while driving. I checked with various specialist and had different kinds of tests and treatment , but nothing helped me. They couldn’t figure out the cause for my pain. No one was able to understand my problems. I started getting more frustrated and depressed. I lost all my hope.
After 2 years of suffering, I came to see you for the first time. On my first visit itself you were able to understand all my problems and were able to diagnose the cause for my problems. After talking to you I started to get some hope.
After my first surgery, my neck pain along with my left hand numbness and weakness started reducing.
After my second surgery, I felt like a new person. I started thinking a lot. For the first 2 weeks I didn’t know how to control my thinking. I feel more alert & active and don’t feel fatigue. Even though I am in recovery mode, I feel like my headaches and dizziness are reduced. I don’t have the brain fogginess and I am able to think clearly. I don’t get severe headaches when I try to focus or think. Now I have confidence that I will be able to take care of my family really well and perform my job without any issue.
You have fixed most of my health issues and have given me more hope and strength to live .There isn’t enough word to express my thanks for everything you did for me. I hope people with whiplash injury gets a chance to know about your treatment and get better soon without suffering.M.P., Florida, September 2016


The best Dr. ever. I live in Alabama and drove to Panama City especially for his services. After having a constant migraine headache for 2 1/2 years with no relief from other Dr.’s, he new exactly what the problem was. Fixed it through surgery and I now have a life again without constant pain.J.S., Alabama, April 2015
Dr. Franck has helped me when even Mayo Clinic could not. The C4-C7 fusion has made all the difference in my life. It took me 4 years to find an answer that lead me to Dr. Franck. I highly recommend him.M., Florida, May 2014